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We provide professional installation services for virtually every type of residential fence in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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  • Wood Fences — New and Replacement fences – We offer and install: wood, chain link, wrought iron, and ranch rail. Wood picket and horizontal rail options include Cedar, Spruce, Pressure Treated. We recommend a 2×4 Horizontal Rail vs a 2×3 rail as it adds strength to fence with Steel Galvanized Posts. We use an .095 Gage (thicker wall) vs the .065 Gage(smaller wall). We space our posts 6ft, apart for strength. We go up to 3ft. deep on our 8′ fences, and up to 21/2 ft. deep on our 6′ fences. We also offer 4×4 treated posts and 4×4 cedar posts as well. All of our posts are in concrete in the ground. We use cement that has the highest PSI of any cement mix! We pre-mix the cement before it is put into the hole! All of our fences are custom made, piece by piece! We do Not use “pre Fab Panels”. Our fence gates are always double posted, meaning there are two posts on each side of the gate for strength. We provide the maximum support on each gate by using the “x” design on the back of the gate! This design helps in the longevity of your new gate! It keeps the gate from “sagging/dragging” that many gates get overtime w/ usage!
  • Fence Repairs – Gate dragging, posts leaning, broken boards, coming loose. Not ready to replace old fence? Trying to get a few more months out of the life of your fence? We can make the necessary repairs to do that! We specialize in gate repairs, pickets replaced, wood post replacement, steel post straightening. Call today for an evaluation of your fence! We will test the strength and Integrity of it, and let you know what needs to be done.
  • Fence Staining -We use We use a local Texas Based Stain Company that was established in 1992. Their unique oil based formula protects and beautifies your fence. This is the Best Product on the market! It provides maximum UV protection, prevents water damage, Fungus and Mildew resistant, and extends the life of the wood. There are 6 beautiful colors to choose from: classic cedar tone, western red cedar, Golden Cedar, Walnut Redwood, and Natural.
  • Ornamental Wrought Iron Fences – We install all types and designs of ornamental wrought iron. Whether it be a fence, gate, windows, stair ballasters or handrailing, our custom installer can fabricate just about anything/design you have in mind!
  • Ornamental Wrought Iron or Wood Automatic Gates – Want to open up your backyard and utilize all of its space? We install all types of Automatic Gates! Wood, Wrought Iron, Swing or Slide Gates. All of our automatic gates come w/ a battery back up, a safety eye, and two remotes. We can also program the operator to your homelink in your automobile, or to an existing garage door remote.
  • Chain Link Fencing – We also install chain link fencing. This is a galvanized wire mesh fence. It comes in all sizes and also comes in black vinyl coated. We provide contacts /resources for stonework, electrical work, handyman services, landscaping, lighting, tree trimming. If you have a need for any of the above services listed above please give our office a call.
  • Arbors / Shade Structures – An Arbor or Pergola is a structure that provides shade to a certain area. Either over a patio, pool deck, or even over a fence gate for that special look! All of our arbors/pergolas are custom made w/ the finest rough cedar materials. Styles and design vary.
  • Irrigation Repair – We provide lite irrigation repairs such as: clogged sprinkler heads, broken sprinkler heads, sprinkler lines, broken lines, broken wires, and sprinkler adjustments.

At Metroplex Fence, you will deal with a fencing expert, fully knowledgeable, polite and ready to assist you. And, you can expect a quick and courteous response to your inquiry.


We feel that our warranty is the best in the business! We provide a full 10 year workmanship warranty to every fence, deck or arbor that we install. This covers posts leaning, gates dragging, pickets popping off. Anything workmanship related, we fix, for 10 years.

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